Hello Snaky aka SnakeWare


Hello Snaky!!” is the name of twitter-based snake-like game, that comes in best pick-up-and-play manner. Everyone can instantly join the game and help Mr. Snaky solve interesting missions. The game is developed by Nodepond, released by Sunday-Monday-Games and had its world premiere at Evoke 2013. It will be showed next at the Interactive Clubnight, 24.5.2014, Stadtgarten Köln, the main-party of the Interactive Cologne 2014.


SnakeWare is the name of a small game research-project, I started at the “Interactive Cologne Hackathon“. The topic of my backtrack was “City Serious Games” and I came up with the idea of a game, that is always ON and where everyone (all around the city) is able to connect to. All designed in a pick-up-and-play manner. To keep things simple I started with a simple game “Snake” that almost everybody knows. It is recognized and understood by most of the people instantly, because many people are already familiar with “Snake”. Next I choose “Twitter” as input device, because many people already are using Twitter and Twitter seems to be a good way to send and interpret control-data.

In SnakeWare you use Twitter to control “Snaky”. Everybody can instantly join the game, just by sending a Twitter-message. The SnakeWare client can be downloaded and shown, videobeamed or else. All clients are always in-sync and show the same game-acion running.

Current Status:
Next public event at Interactive Clubnight, 24.5.2014, Stadtgarten Köln, at Interactive Cologne 2014.

Work in progress screenshot (history):

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